In my mind the world collided, in a few sparks and the chemistry was there, heat rising just beneath our flesh.

In the mingling of the sweetest perfume;

In the brush of lace against warm, soft skin;


In an intoxicating, sweet breath on the lips;

Our sensuality was a million tiny gestures, a thousand tiny promises, a hundred heart beats that said.. Please be mine.

Please enjoy your stay and soak in the sensuality, with every breath, every heart beat, and every sweat drop on your skin.



Entangled in this blog are the reflections of my sensual and seductive side

wishing to please and tease you..


18 +  and Usually NSFW


Send me a love letter on scented paper and written with an elegant hand; cursive and romantic calligraphy letters…

Send me a wink as you reach up to tip of your fedora; or

Send me a smile that dazzles like gaslight reflected off of your sequined flapper…