Of the Male Form ©MySensualThought

I am yours..



(Sexy man in shower by Madison Leitner, via Flickr)

That morning you left my bed but not my heart.

The peace reflected in your features were my welcome and award upon waking, a thousan rebirths ought to begin with this image.

Now I hear the water running and I can only imagine of the steam clinging to your body, your temple, and the shower walls that your presence only dominates.

The water running down your smooth skin, the erect nipples that I traced with my tongue just last night.

Bliss transforms your face, transporting me to a thousand centuries, of Adonis, of heroes and gods.

The taste of you still fills my sense an I wonder what reverie fills your mind.



(Jason Statham. Famous people Pinterest)

Please do not disturb, my thoughts tread a heavy path


planning and cunning

Admire the sun highlighting what your eyes can see and shine of the clasp at my wrist, only but a token. I am me and my path is unraveling before my eyes.

The man at the cafe with a dream.








(Twitter: @gabymartin3/ @ramon36069)




Adam so vulnerable

fruits of passion to savor and taste

Only the softness of wistful longing passes behind those eyes

Desire to see your beauty again.

All of the world is their garden.

You are mine…



©MySensualThought 2017. All Rights Reserved.



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