Excerpt: A Cherokee Rose: ‘Dream Catch-her’ by My Erotic Tale©

Native American Inspired by ~SabrinaPhotography

( Image retrieved: Sabrina Photography @ Deviant Art)

A Cherokee Rose: ‘Dream Catch-her’

byMy Erotic Tale©

A Cherokee Rose: ‘Dreams Catch her’

Indian summer in a babbling brook’s trickle
light fingers trail; a pool’s surface they ripple
Paint brushes flower by the blue bonnets’ pose;
bare, in pure waters cleansing~ a Cherokee Rose

Noisy chatter from ducks that came a quacking;
from the bank to the water they came a splashing
A few waddled across the widest part of the river;
on the other side they shed wetness all a shiver

‘Little Deer’ watched with a river wide smile
as she dove in the water and swam for a while
Then bursting the surface in a hair swinging splash
she stood; raising her body that was amber sun meshed

Fingers trail all the valley; leading to spirits’ lust quelled
as she thought of a him and how his spirit stick swelled
Wandering; her hands find her desert passion’s soul
as one hand rubs vibrantly; the other~ nice ‘n slow

“Excuse me… Miss?” a deep voice softly said
startled and embarrassed; she turned Indian red
She sank deeper in the water; clear up to her nose
Caught were the sultry dreams ~ of a Cherokee Rose


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A Cherokee Rose~

byMy Erotic Tale©

 ***Note: A Cherokee Rose: Dream Catch-Her is part one of the six-part series. The author also wrote several other “rose” series, including the French Rose series, Pecos Rose, and the A Devilish Rose. Dream Catch-Her of the Cherokee Rose series was one of my personal favorites on Literotica. This erotic poem has received over 10,000 views on the site (and deserves as many likes, so let’s help Art!). More erotic poems by My Erotic Tale© can be found Here

One special rose,




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