Erotic Hypnosis Disclaimer

Erotic Hypnotism is for adult entertainment purposes only. It is not designed to treat or diagnose any disease. The information on is not meant to take the place of health care or services you may need. Please see your primary health care provider about any personal health concerns.

Phone/Skype: I will need proof that you are not driving or working at the time of the call or Skype Session. If you do not wish to provide the proof, then we would have to reschedule for another time when you are not participating in these activities. Hypnosis can be very relaxing and may cause you to fall into deep enough levels of trance where you may fall asleep. You will get the full benefit of a “virtual” sexual encounter when you completely focused on the hypnosis session in a relaxed, safe environment.

Your system must be alcohol and drug-free when listening to the recorded sessions and/or phone and/or Skype sessions. Use recorded sessions at your own risk. 

Under hypnosis, you are in controI. If for any reason you are uncomfortable during the session, you can come back up to full wakefulness and cancel the session. A refund will be issued, please give the money transfer agencies adequate amount of time to complete that transaction. Refunds are NOT offered after the completion of the sessions. Refunds are NOT issued for donations.

I reserve the right to cancel the session at my discretion, where a refund will be issued. Please allow the money transfer institution the necessary amount of time to complete the transaction.

Using my services and my website means you have understood and agreed with these terms and conditions. This includes that you do not find sexually explicit or adult-oriented material to be offensive or obscene, either on the website or during the sessions of Nichole the Erotic Hypnotist.

Solicitation: It is NOT OK to contact Nichole the Erotic Hypnotist, the guest bloggers, or guests to solicit other services. Nichole the Erotic Hypnotist reserves the right to remove the comments from the Site, at any time. And further contact may result in a permanent band from

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Last Updated: This Policy was last updated on March 1, 2018.